20th annual SwarmFest - University of Vermont!!

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20th annual SwarmFest - University of Vermont!!

Swarm Development Group is pleased to announce that the 20th annual
meeting of SwarmFest will be held at the end of the summer, hosted this
year by the University of Vermont!  The dates are Sunday, July 31st
(evening reception) through Wednesday morning, August 3.

If you've never been, SwarmFest is a great low-key event, perfect for
more speculative work or work-in-progress.  Most of the presentations
are on Agent-based Models, with a few on tools for improving or
analyzing ABM. Repast users are especially welcome.

Please pass this along to your colleagues and students - Abstracts
should be up to 1-2 pages, and will be accepted on a rolling basis.
Abstracts go to: <mailto:[hidden email]>.

Additional information: http://www.Swarmfest2016.org

Steve Railsback

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