Center for Complexity in Business Annual Conference - Call for Papers 2015

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Center for Complexity in Business Annual Conference - Call for Papers 2015

Tatara, Eric R.
Posted on behalf of Anamaria Berea:

This is the second call for papers... the submission deadline is getting close.

The Center for Complexity in Business invites you to submit an abstract for consideration for the 7th Annual Complexity in Business Conference. The conference will be held in Washington DC on November 12th and 13th, 2015.


Keynote speakers will be announced shortly.


Submissions are encouraged that apply complex systems methods to any area of management science. Areas of focus include data science, agent-based modeling, big data, network science (social network analysis), nonlinear optimization (machine learning / artificial intelligence), spatial modeling (geographic information systems), system dynamics modeling and other techniques to analyze and solve problems that arise when large numbers of entities (consumers, employees, traders, firms, etc.) interact in ways that are too complex to be understood by more traditional management research tools. 

Interesting submissions could be based in practically any area of modern management, including marketing, information systems, operations and logistics, finance, and organization science. For instance, specific example topics might include:


* Computational Consumer Behavior Modeling

* Geography and Computational Modeling

* Diffusion of Innovation and Information

* Network-based Organizational Learning

* Advanced Data Mining and Agent-based Modeling

* Leverage Points and Scenario Analysis

* Policy Analysis using Complex Systems Methods

* Complex Systems Analysis of Rapidly Changing Industries (e.g., News and Education)

* Understanding the Economic and Cultural Implications of Social Media

* Modeling of Long Term Trends and Dynamics in Consumer Systems

* Individual-Level Modeling of Corporations and Markets

* Knowledge Management of Streaming Big Data

* Geolocation and the Spread of Information

* Implications of Socio-Technical Systems for Organizations and Businesses


Preference for academic abstracts will be given to more rigorous analytical, empirical, and behavioral approaches. Presentations should be approximately 25 minutes in length.


Abstracts may be submitted only via the conference page at EasyChair. Abstracts should be no longer than 1 page. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 13th, 2015 at 23:59, Eastern-Standard Time. The conference committee will select abstracts on a competitive basis, and authors will be notified by September 20th, 2015.


Conference information is available at: CCB Conference 2015


Centerfor Complexity in Business


Robert H.Smith School of Business

Anamaria Berea, PhD
Research Associate
Center for Complexity in Business
Robert H. Smith School of Business
University of Maryland


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