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FW: repast on a computational grid

North, Michael

Good question!  Repast "platform support includes both personal
computers and large-scale scientific computing clusters" in the
following ways:

1.) Repast is in pure Java so models can be ported from PC's to clusters
with little or no model recoding.
2.) Repast includes a multithreaded event scheduler which allows tasks
to be concurrently executed.  Event concurrency is activated using
scheduler "duration" parameters (see
3.) Repast's design is compatible with distributed computing tools such
as ProActive (http://www-sop.inria.fr/oasis/ProActive/), as well as
parameter sweep frameworks.

An example discussing Repast parameter sweeps on a large cluster can
found in the following reference:

Emonet, T., C.M. Macal, M.J. North, C.E. Wickersham, and P. Cluzel,
"AgentCell: A Digital Single-Cell Assay for Bacterial Chemotaxis,"
Bioinformatics, Vol. 21, No. 11, pp. 2714-2721, Oxford University Press,
Oxford, UK ( March 17, 2005).

(Available as

More details on the model can be found at the following address:



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> Subject: repast on a computational grid
> Hello,
> I read on the Repast home page that:
> "The platform support includes both personal computers and large-scale

> scientific computing clusters."
> Does it mean that Repast can run on a computational grid?
> And if so how?
> I was unable to find any information on this point.
> Thanks in advance for your attention,
>      titto
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