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Neighbourhood spatial query


My model consist in load from a shapefile a hexagonal grid. Each hexagon in the grid is an Agent.
In the following method, I created the neighbourhood of each hexagon. And storing it in a List, actually I created two list; one for the geometry itself and the second is for the ID of each hexagon that belongs to the neighbourhood.  

I need to sort the list. Because I would like to perform different actions depending of which direction is located the neighbour.
However, each hexagon's ID is not correlative then I cannot in order to sort by ID. I have been trying to figure it out how the query analyses. Although, I was not successful.

Does exist the way to know in which direction is located each hexagon?

public void Neighbourhood(){

        Context context = ContextUtils.getContext(this);
        Geography<Hexagon> geography = (Geography)context.getProjection("Geography");
        Geometry hexagon = geography.getGeometry(this);
        GeographyWithin<Hexagon> within = new GeographyWithin<Hexagon>(geography, distance , this);
        if( within.query() != null ){
            for (Hexagon obj: within.query()){


            System.out.println("ERROR: Hexagon "+this.ID+" has not neighbours! ");

Thanks in advance,


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Ing. Cesar Augusto Nieto Coria
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