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The Repast Development Team is happy to announce the releases of Repast Simphony 2.4 and Repast HPC 2.2. These releases contain a variety of new features and bug fixes. Some highlights are:

* Repast website moved to
* Code repositories moved to

Repast Simphony 2.4.0

* Eclipse Neon compatibility
* New command line batch run capabilities (see Section 9 in the Repast Batch Getting Started guide for more information)
* Improved sparse value layer storage capacity allows up to 2E9 values per dimension
* Improved display editors allow agent layers to be removed or added from existing displays
* Parameters can be hidden in the runtime GUI using the new hide xml attribute

Repast HPC 2.2.0

* New shared discrete and continuous N-dimensional spaces allow for 3-D and higher dimension simulations
* New N-dimensional Value Layers for storing basic (non-agent) data
* New DiffusionLayerND class allows simplified implementation of diffusion algorithms on N-dimensional Value Layers

The new releases can be downloaded from:

Tutorials and documentation can be found at:

Thanks to everyone who helped contribute to the release!

Repast Development Team

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