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collapseMultiplexNet(), plotting ?

Igor Nikolic
Hello all,

After creating my networks I am trying out to figure out what are they
like. So I stumbled upon the NetUtilities. Really great,and I am very
happy I found it. However, calculating the Density gives :
calcDensity expects a non-multiplex network. Please run
collapseMultiplexNet() before calculating density.

Googling for collapseMultiplexNet() returns two reference to the source
code of NetUtilities and the same error message. Kind of funny, but not
very helpful. Is there a way around this ? Or am I just being silly in
trying to calculate a density of a multiplexed network ?

Along networking issues, could anybody suggest a good Linux program for
plotting networks exported by the NetworkRecorder ?

By the way,  a very big  thanks to whoever fixed the slow printing to
the console in 3.1, it is a life-saver !


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