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Bugs item #1291503, was opened at 2005-09-14 19:37
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>Category: Repast .NET
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
>Summary: Displaying a BIG x BIG space (.NET)

Initial Comment:
I encounter some problem when i used
the "uchicago.src.sim.space.Object2DGrid". i hope i
could find some help here.
i wonder if there any limitatins for the size of an
spaceobject -"Object2DGrid" ?
  The concerned codes is as follows:

  public class MyModel : SimpleModel
        private Object2DGrid world;
        private int worldXSize=6500;
        private int worldYSize=2;
    private DisplaySurface displaySurface;
    //Display the "world"
        world=new Object2DGrid
        displaySurface = new DisplaySurface
        Object2DDisplay agentDisplay =new
(agentDisplay,"Agents ");
      when i set the  worldXSize larger than  about
6500 ,the program will throw an
exception  "System.ArgumentException?in
       the system i used is: Repast.net (in repast 3.0
suite)+vs.net 2003+ win Xp(sp2).


>Comment By: Jerry Vos (jerryvos)
Date: 2005-09-15 11:40

Logged In: YES

This bug originated on the mailing list and has some
comments on it there.

I looked into this and the exception is being thrown inside
(which is used by the display surface) when it tries to make
a Bitmap to
back the display. I did a bit of searching around on the net
and it
seems that there's a maximum size of a Bitmap that may be
caused by the
video card drivers or windows itself (depending on where you
look); ie this is somewhat a system problem not totally a
Repast problem.

Here's one of the more informative pages I could find
regarding this:

A solution would be to back the painter by a grid of Bitmaps
in the BIG case.  The algorithm for when to break it into
Bitmaps and when not to (really to determine how many
Bitmaps to break it into) is TBD, but it feels like
something that already would've been solved by someone.

So the problem isn't directly the size of the Object2DGrid,
but with
trying to display it.


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